Sediment Filter

Clogged pipes


Sediment Filter

Mineral sediments and silt in your water can cause serious and expensive problems in your home (and in your body). Have you considered:

  • Plumbing and pipes that become clogged with debris
  • Shortened lifespan of appliances is greatly reduced
  • Sediment build-up in your water heater that reduce efficiency and longevity
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Unhealthy particles in your drinking or cooking water


Our mixed bed filter system uses various sized media to remove sediments and silt from your water. Our system cleans itself automatically and purges the unwanted debris. Our filtration system is almost completely maintenance free.


Signs of Sediment in Your Water

Sediment is a natural thing, but it is not normal or desirable to have it in your water supply. How do you know if sediment is present in your water? One of the easiest ways to spot it is visually. The turbidity, or cloudiness, level of your water indicates how much sediment is present. Not only can sediment cloud your water, it can also affect the taste of your water.


This contaminant comes from soil runoff. Its presence in drinking water is undesirable. However, it is not merely a matter of looks and flavor. The presence of sediment in drinking water can prove to be quite unhealthy. High turbidity levels can mean high levels of disease-causing microorganisms (i.e., viruses), certain types of bacteria and parasites. The presence of these things can lead to ill health effects such as cramps, nausea, diarrhea and headaches.


Taking steps to filter out sediment from drinking water helps to avoid this situation. For clean and clear water, proper filtration will help to remove sediment from water. That means improving the look and flavor of the water. It also means decreasing or eliminating the potential health risks that the presence of sentiment can carry with it.


Sediment Filter Specifications

  • Automatic operation
  • Self-cleaning with adjustable cycles
  • Durable and low maintenance